My Press Needs Demonstrates Re-Defined Die Cutting at SGIA

TAMPA, Florida, October 9, 2014 – Through an innovative strategy of alliances, technology and research, My Press Needs (MPN) is changing how the industry die cuts substrates.

“We’re pioneering new methods to die cut plastics, corrugated and structural board,” said MPN President Rob Weidhaas. “Our Crest Clamshell’s ability to die cut Falconboard®, Re-Board® and similar materials will open up whole new sources of revenue for the large format industry.”

MPN will display samples of the die-cut board and videos of the process at their SGIA Booth 4192.
The company has partnered with Dicar Inc., a supplier of urethane products to the corrugated industry, and its customer IDL Worldwide, a retail design and project management group, to perfect the die cutting of structural board. To date, the three companies have successfully tested and die cut 5/8” Reboard and Falconboard on the Crest with edge quality similar to a router table.

To perfect the process, MPN and Dicar established a research and development lab in Wexford, PA, which opened October 1. The lab currently houses a 23” x 32” Crest Clamshell that will be used for further testing on 1” board. Rick Putch, Dicar’s director of Consulting Services Worldwide and Business Development, said the R&D lab will also serve as an educational facility for the industry.

Current belief is structural board can’t be die cut, according to Weidhaas. “But our technology enables the Crest to go from a normal .937” steel rule die up to a 3” steel rule within seconds to successfully cut thicker materials.”

Weidhaas and his partners are excited about the potential impact on the large format market. “The speed and precision of our Crest will bring ‘mass production’ capabilities as compared with tables.”
That increased production, he said, “will open up new markets and applications not only for printers and converters, but for structural board and plastics manufacturers. We’re really re-defining how the industry die cuts substrates.”

About MPN My Press Needs, LLC was founded by Rob Weidhaas in 2000 as a complete die cutting resource to the print finishing, packaging and general converting industries.

Today the full-service company specializes in the development, engineering and sales of clamshell presses worldwide, along with consulting and training on die cutting processes. An affiliated company, My Service Needs, services clamshell presses
of all types. For more information about MPN, visit