You will discover immediate benefits with the Crest family of clamshell presses, regardless of whether you’re a first-time purchaser (operator) or an experienced clamshell veteran. We will increase your profitability and exceed your expectations – here are just a few of the benefits:

Flat & Stable Working Area – Independent studies show that we have the flattest platen in the industry. The Crest’s platen reduces make ready, increases production rates, eliminates the need to chase your make ready, and shortens the learning curve for new operators.

Quick Change Set-Up – You will discover the fastest job set-up and die changeovers with the Crest’s Double Micrometer Adjustment. This adjustment operates with a precision worm gear, which gives you the ability to precisely measure the depth of cut. Customers report this feature increases the die life on die cutting applications by 50% and provides extremely fast job set-ups for kiss-cutting applications – the fastest repeat job set-ups in the world.

Saving Material – The Impression Throw Off is critical for customers running expensive substrates, such as plastics and foil stamping applications, because this feature allows the operator to easily disengage the platen from cutting in the event of a missed sheet – saving not only the sheet, but also time and money. The press cycles without cutting the sheet and allows the operator to make any necessary adjustments – Critical for today’s digital printers with limited set-ups sheets.

self-maintainanceSelf-Maintenance – Who checked the oil? Not only does this feature provide consistent oil and grease pressure, but it also automatically shuts off the press to safeguard it from serious damage if the oil or grease drops too low.

Touch Screen Operator Interface – Operators can easily assess the current press operations on the Crest’s convenient touch screen and identify any potential problems with its user-friendly warning system.

The Test-Of-Time –
The Crest frame is specifically designed using high-quality steel plates and a proprietary welding process to deliver the rated tonnage and cutting force. My Press Needs LLC has never had a failed Crest frame or weld, even when an inexperienced operator crashed the press.