Cost Of Ownership

Crest4056-2Any time you purchase capital equipment, it’s important to analyze the true cost of ownership from year to year. Sometimes, it seems tempting to purchase a low-cost press and inaccurately assume that this press will last as long as more expensive alternative, operate with little downtime and have a low annual maintenance cost. Unfortunately, the typical value-oriented press lasts only 5-7 year, while the Crest should provide 25-30 years of nearly maintenance-free ownership.

The Crest Clamshell also provides the least amount of downtime in the industry. With nearly 99.9% uptime, and only .08% downtime, our customers experience unparalleled performance.

In addition to an inventory of spare parts, customers that purchase quality clamshells are assured that the spare parts fit their press compared with low-quality presses that often machined by hand, which causes parts to vary from press to press.

Quality parts also provide companies with faster setup times. For example, one company that traded in its Value Oriented press for a Crest 22×28 decreased its setup times from 90 minutes to only 15 minutes, a savings that can easily increase profits and production. Production can also increase based on how easily the Crest Clamshell sets up, allowing an operator trained on other equipment to easily set up the clamshell and transition as needed between equipment.