We put science behind deflection to take away the guesswork. This is how we eliminate make ready.

The Crest is specifically designed to reduce and/or eliminate deflection, thus providing the customer with little or no make-ready. Deflection (Platen Bending) ultimately translates into make-ready and premature die wear. We reduce the deflection by selecting high-quality raw materials (Alloy Shafts, Solid Steel (virgin not recycled steel) Construction and High-Grade Purchased Parts such as Bearings) and implementing quality control at the manufacturing facility.

Benefit: You benefit with the fastest job set-up times = Increased Profit per Job.

Technical Analysis: (Engineering Case Study)


*Finite element analysis or stress analysis is an engineering study that consists of numerous calculations and relies on specialized computer software to determine how a mechanical component reacts under various load conditions. In our case, My Press Needs LLC studied how the head and bridge (platen) of the machine react under the rated load, positioned both in the center of the machine and distributed evenly on the entire surface area of the machine. The end result is engineering data (above) that determines the amount of deflection or deviation in the head and bridge.

** Deflection is the amount the head and bridge bends, distorts, or deviates from its natural, flat condition. The nature of the clamshell press, which has two connecting rods attached on either side of the machine, dictates that the machine will deflect or bend in the center, the furthest away from the connecting rods. Note: It is also the case in certain situations that the tooling will deflect or move from side to side or angulary.