Customers share short run solutions

You’ve probably heard me say more than once that the versatile, fast make-ready Crest Clamshell is more cost-effective than an automated press for short to medium runs. But when our customers say it, that’s even better.

“For short-run lengths, the Crest beats an automated solution. We can complete an average run of 200 pieces in ten minutes, with only another ten minutes for make-ready.” That’s what John Butler, owner of Alta-Graphics in Doral, FL, told us recently. Alta-Graphics, which produces printed durables, including plastic gift and loyalty cards, was new to in-house diecutting when John bought our 20×26 Crest. He also bought the Crest for the robustness he needed to cut a new plastic product.

Almetek Industries Inc. Plant Manager Steve Kolb said, “We were spending half a day on setup and make-ready on our old clamshell. With our new Crest we’re ready in 15-20 minutes, and we can get more jobs done in a day.” Based in Hackettstown, NJ, Almetek specializes in product ID systems for the utility industry, and uses our 28×41 Crest to hot stamp and diecut both plastic and vinyl materials.

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