In it for the long haul

Weidhaas_415You’ve probably all heard me say that My Press Needs is “in it for the long haul.” A lot of companies say that, of course. But we mean it. Just ask Empire Screen Printing.

Empire was having problems kiss cutting accurately with the Crest Clamshell we had sold them. Our first repair effort didn’t solve the problem, so I traveled to their plant in Onalaska, WI to see what was going on. We discovered the platen had a tool mark from machining that made the press .002” out of flatness. It was actually an easy fix, and would have made the press like new.

But I couldn’t ask Empire to be down for three weeks while we repaired it. And bottom line, the press didn’t meet our standards. So we completely replaced it, and I personally inspected the new 28” x 41” Crest at our factory before we shipped it.

The results? A new Crest Clamshell that’s performing extremely well, and a very satisfied Empire President John Freismuth, who told us:

“You’ve got a customer for life”

And that’s what we mean by “the long haul.”

Crest die cuts 1.5 ml silver polyester at Empire