Large Crest Clamshells

Precise strength

Crest 2.5 M

Crest 2.5 M

Our heavy-duty, large Crest Clamshells are engineered to accurately, consistently die cut larger, thicker materials, even in the harshest environments.

POP displays – end caps, aisle and in-store promotions
Signs, banners and posters
Trade show and event graphics
Exterior and interior building displays
Corrugated and board
Rigid structural board like Falconboard®

Revolutionizing die cutting

Crest Widemouth

Crest Widemouth

widemouth-flyer-1050-coverThe Crest Clamshell Widemouth® redefines die cutting in the large format market:

  • Die cuts Falconboard, Ultra® Board, ½” Foam Core and more with edge quality similar to a router table
  • Goes from .937” to 2” steel rule die in seconds, cutting multiple sheets with one button push
  • Integrates touch screen and digital controls in make-ready process
  • Provides mass production capabilities as compared with tables

Graphic Tech COO Jim Blee, who beta tested the Widemouth prototype, said the Crest Widemouth “revolutionizes the die cutting industry. With the Widemouth, we can cut ten sheets at a time with a single impression. Traditional cutting tables can’t do the volume at the same speed.”


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Large Crest Clamshell Specifications

Large Crest Clamshells Specs