Widemouth™ FAQs

The Widemouth is the first and only clamshell technology that gives printers the capability to die cut thicker substrates with the push of a button. Like all new technology, questions arise.  Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive.

Q: Can we still do our normal die cutting jobs on the Widemouth?
A: Yes. The Widemouth harnesses the main benefit of the Clamshell – versatility. You can die cut all existing substrates, plus you’ll have the added flexibility of the Widemouth technology, which means you can die cut thicker and exotic substrates.
Q: What are some of the thicker substrates the Widemouth can cut?
A: The Widemouth cuts up to 1” Falconboard®, Ultra® Board, Foam Core and virtually any substrate.
Q: With its size, will the Widemouth Clamshell cause our cycle time to slow down?
A: No; just the opposite! All our No More Make-ready Clamshells – including those with Widemouth technology – virtually eliminate setup time. The Widemouth enables you to change from a standard .937” knife to up to a 3” knife in less than three minutes, cutting multiple sheets at the push of a button.
Q: Is the Widemouth as effective as our tables?
A: The Widemouth is more effective than tables for short runs. Die cutting with the Widemouth is 60-70 times faster than table cutting, alleviating finishing bottlenecks. The result is mass production capabilities – a revenue-producing option not possible with tables.
Q: How about the cost of the Widemouth vs. a table?
A: The cost of a Widemouth is similar to a table, but the Widemouth’s precision, speed as compared to tables, and No More Make-ready make it much more cost-effective. The Widemouth is essentially a one-time capital expense because of its estimated 20-year lifecycle, as opposed to tables with a much shorter expected lifecycle. This makes the ROI of the Widemouth a much different calculation than digital cutting options.
Q: What’s the cutting area of the Widemouth?
A: The maximum cutting size of our 3M Widemouth is 60” x 120” (1524 x 3048MM).
Q: Since the Widemouth technology is relatively new, what kind of support do you offer?
A: We offer our customers continuing support before, during and after the sale. With Widemouth, we have a team of experts to support you, including owner Rob Weidhaas and die cutting expert Rick Putch, known throughout the industry. Rick will help you learn how to cut thicker and exotic substrates effectively with the Widemouth.