Crest 41" x 67"

Crest 41″ x 67″

Run with trust

From development and design to raw materials and manufacturing, our hands-on process guarantees you reliable, high-quality products. We work directly with our factories and international partners to make sure all MPN platen die cutters meet our high standards.

Exclusively Ours

No More Make-Ready Crest Clamshell Presses

Beyond the Sale Support

Better Performance

  • Flattest platen in industry, per independent studies
  • Quick change set-up with our Double Micrometer Adjustment
  • Material savings
  • Self maintenance

Cost Savings

Crest Clamshell Specifications

Crest Clamshell Specifications

Used Presses
We offer a variety of used presses for purchase or trade-in. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, check back later or contact us directly at 866.347.1200.

If you need assistance with your current press, we have many skilled service technicians.