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Double Micrometer Impression Adjustments

Crest customers, such as Cubbison Company and Mastro Graphic Arts, achieve 5, 10 and 15 minute set ups with no make ready by using this proprietary feature.

Allows the customer to increase/decrease depth of cut by changing the press shut height in fine increments of .0005. This gives the customer the ability to fine tune the impression to improve die life and quality of the cut.

Kiss Cutting is quick and easy with the Crest’s Unique Impression Adjustment.

Solid Steel (NOT CAST), Alloy Shafts & Gears, Welded Steel Frame

Our customers report a 90% reduction in set-up times when they replace their press with a Crest Clamshell.

Guarantees the fastest set-up times in the industry, which yields the greatest production. Crest customers cut their set-up times down to an average of 10 minutes compared to other machines that take 90 minutes or longer! Precision ground alloy shafts and platen surfaces provide a flat, consistent working area. No Deflection = No Make Ready.

Strict Quality Assurance Procedures

Crest Warranty Down Time is the lowest in the industry at 0.08%Our customers receive a press that provides the customer with the fastest and most consistent job set ups and runs. 0.08% Warranty Downtime = 99.9% Production Up-Time!

Brute with Finesse

(Cutting Pressure at the Platen with no make ready) Acme Specialties reports that the Crest handles any job in-house, while other brand-name machines cannot handle the task pure power at the platen!

The Crest provides the customer with the tonnage necessary for die cutting, kiss cutting, embossing and foil stamping. We rate our tonnage at the platen, not the gears, because we want you to know the true tonnage of your press at the area where it matters most.

Available Sizes (in inches): 22 x 28 up to 63″x120″

Platen: Designed to reduce make ready and increase feed rates.

Precision & Tonnage: Ask us for a list of references that successfully use the Crest for precision kiss cutting, foil stamping or high-tonnage die cutting and embossing.

Handfed vs. Automatic: Handfed and Automatic models available.

Touch Screen Electronics: Standard on all models.

Heater, Foil puller, feeder and other accessories: Available as options.

Price: Competitive, call for a quote.

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