We specialize in Crest Clamshells

When it comes to servicing Crest Clamshells, we’re the experts. Our service division, MPN Services, provides Crest owners preventive maintenance, emergency service and phone consultation through independent servicers nationwide.

David Mussi, a veteran clamshell service provider who has worked with many of our customers over the years, is the lead service contractor with MPN Services. His more than 30 years of experience and knowledge of our customers, their Crests, and their needs provide the expertise our customers can count on.

MPN Services is the one-stop shop for all your Crest Clamshell service needs:

  • Preventive service agreements to help reduce major service and repairs
  • In-plant service, including safety updates and major services, to save you time and money
  • Emergency service by qualified service providers
  • Phone consultation to assist with questions and issues
  • Efficient service work distribution and tracking
  • Follow-up to assure quality work

For more information about MPN Services, contact John Stadler at 856.728.5090 or jjstadler@mypressneeds.com.

Keep your clamshells running for years! See our maintenance tips in Cutting Edge Magazine’s October issue.

Training & Consulting – after sales service & support

Expert support beyond the sale

We offer assistance with:

  • Die design
  • Application techniques
  • Technology selection
  • Your success and profitability with our products

Sending employees to seminars and training programs is costly. So we teach them at your plant.

Our programs provide your employees with the tools to help them maximize productivity and quality. Training modules include pre-press, die making, die cutting, nicking, ejection procedures and make-ready. Our Global Overview program analyzes how production cells affect each other and ways to elevate profitability.

MPN’s in-house training is highly effective because our instructors get a clear picture of your employees’ daily routines: Materials being used, equipment condition, facility layout, communication and standard operating procedures. We also include classroom sessions to explain the manufacturing process if necessary.

Whether you are a single, multi-plant or multi-national operation, your team will gain invaluable education and innovative ideas.

Contact Rob Weidhaas today to find out how our consulting and training can help your bottom line:

Toll free: 866.347.1200 ext. 804
Cell phone: 570.840.1636
e-mail: robw@mypressneeds.com