Smallest Crest Saves Customer

Express 2026 (6)

20″ x 26″ Crest Clamshell

One of our most popular Crest Clamshells is our smallest – the 20” x 26.” We found out just how popular when we eliminated the 2026 last year to streamline our product line. Boy, did we hear about it!

So in case you haven’t heard, our smallest clamshell is back and ready for action. And speaking of action, the 2026 saved the day for one of our customers:

“We were about to lose a brand new customer because our old clamshells were pulling up the backing on their kiss-cut cut-through materials,” Renee Graham, Finishing Manager for Label Source in Norcross, GA, told us. “That’s when we bought the 20” x 26” Crest. We haven’t had a problem since!”

Renee keeps the Crest Clamshell busy, kiss cutting cut-through sets of vinyl adhesives, polycarbonates, and other materials eight to nine hours a day.

“We get 10,000 sheets in a day and a half with the Crest, no problem,” she said. “And there’s almost no make-ready; about ten minutes. With our other clamshells, sometimes setup would take three hours. And with the Crest, we get 100% quality!”

We appreciate Renee sharing her story, and we’re happy the 2026 saved Label Source a customer! If you’re interested in our smallest clamshell or any of our other models, let me know at