Supporting customers around the globe

Many of our customers need more than just a clamshell press. Some are die cutting in-house for the first time; others need training; and some are having issues die cutting new materials.

That’s where we come in. Long after your Crest Clamshell is installed, we’ll support you with training, die cutting advice and the use of our R&D lab to solve material or other issues. And we’ll help you decide which press to buy – even if it turns out it isn’t ours.

The installation of our second 2.5M (63”x108”) Crest Clamshell in Australia shows how far we go to support our customers. When large-format printer GSP Print of Sydney purchased the Crest, we sent a team of experts to Australia. Dave Mussi, head of our affiliated service company My Service Needs; and Rick Putch, Dicar Inc.’s director of business development and consulting, helped GSP with installation, training, and advice on press capabilities and die cutting exotic materials.

Results so far? GSP expects to see $500,000 in outsourcing savings and the Crest to pay for itself in 1.6 years!

What kind of die cutting support could you use? Let us know; we’re here to help!