We’re doing it

It can’t be done, but we’re doing it. Don’t you love it when you can tell a customer that?

We recently installed Crest Clamshells for two customers – a 22×32 and a 28×41 – to kiss cut 3M™ high-grade Prismatic materials – materials that 3M confirms aren’t designed to be kiss cut.

According to 3M, the polycarbonate reflective material is on a very thin liner of .002”-.0025.” Polycarbonate resists cutting and stretches, then snaps when cut. The “snap” is very difficult to control with such a thin liner.

Despite that, both customers are kiss cutting the 3M material. The Crest’s flatness and precise depth of cut control are the main factors for its success.

To see the Crest kiss cut 3M’s materials, watch our video here.

Need to die cut something that “can’t be done?” We’ll help you figure out how!

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