What’s your Service Story?

We all have one. It’s the customer service story we tell over and over because our experience was either incredibly good or unbelievably bad.

For me, providing topnotch service to customers has always been a priority. That’s why I tell this story:

Our customer Rick Proffit, plant engineer for NAPCO in Sparta, NC, was having problems with an out-of-warranty Crest Clamshell. The press had a lubrication malfunction, which was tearing up impression sleeves and connecting rod bushings. Rick contacted Dave Mussi, head of our affiliated company My Service Needs, who gave Rick guidance by phone so the operators could continue to use the Crest. Once he arrived at the plant, Dave realized that a lube system repair would not be a permanent fix.

Our solution: Even though the Crest was out of warranty, we warranted it, repaired the press, and replaced all the parts at our cost.

Rick was appreciative and said we “did the right thing.” Thanks, Rick. When it comes to customer service, we believe in incredibly good endings.

Got a service story you’d like to share? Email me.